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Over the past few years “JACK” have been seen by varied audiences at home and abroad and always managed to build on their popularity. Over the bands history it has had many members, although seldom more than 5 at any one time. Each musician has added his or her own flare and style creating some uniquely infectious mixtures. It is instantly noticeable that all members of the band are really enjoying what they are playing so it’s not surprising that something new comes out of the bag at every performance. The large variety of material means every set is always different, although some numbers are in high demand and swiftly missed. Audience interest noticeably continues to build until the final encore. Roger’s question "Can we go home yet??" always gets a resounding "Noooo! Play some more!” The current line-up features what many agree is a rather special blend of old style R&B, Classic Rock and Blues with some occasional songs written by the band. Tony on drums combines a cracking back line with Lee's tantalising bass guitar runs providing a ROCK solid base that’s so tight it squeaks. The fabulous Lead guitar from Kim with his expressive "Original Rock n' Roll" driving feel blend so well with the bands many and varied styles. Feel like dancing? We hope so! Well-loved cover material takes on a surprisingly new sound with Roger's strong bluesy voice doing most of the fronting with Lee and Kim both doing individual songs and harmony support. This current and very special variety of “JACK” is well worth a visit.

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