Another rather quiet guy off-stage not many people know much about him or his background. Secretly I think he rather likes it this way. His usual comments are "everyone listens with different ears" and "if you are not having fun when you are playing then your not doing it right"!! Performed in many counties across Europe, USA and the far East to audiences of a handful to many thousands and still loves it. Likes to think he is a "singer" rather than a "vocalist" and his favourite "singers" include "Elvis", "Paul Rogers" and "Nat King Cole"!! A romantic side........I wonder? Loves the blues mainly because it has "soul" and because it spans early Elvis to Led Zep and all stops from Memphis to Chicago.


Lee Cave-Berry has played bass guitar in local bands in various towns ever since she left school. She has appeared in bands supporting many artists, including Humphrey Lyttleton, Shakin' Stevens, The Soft Boys, and Fats Domino. She has played a variety of venues at home and abroad, from six to ten thousand people, from reggae to rock and roll. Lee also writes, sings and records her own songs. Check out her Spring Forward CD.




A description I recently overheard at a local gig was that Kimberley was like “Keith Moon” on guitar. This rather strange comment actually made very good sense when you see the amount of energy and expression that Kim puts into his stage work. Quite a shy reserved character off-stage it seems almost impossible to witness the transformation to the fire and driving lead/rhythm guitar work that he shares so well with John. It is easy to see the love he has for the original “Rock n’ Roll” styles of the late 50’s and early 60’s when energy and talent meant everything. Kimberley has been very successful in his own right as a songwriter and performer and listening to some of his recordings with a variety of artists and styles is highly recommended.


John is another very expressive guitarist and manages to combine influences from Stevie Ray Vaughan through to B.B King and Paul Kossof. He consistently wows audiences with an awesome tone and feel for the blues scarcely found in someone at his age or this side of the Atlantic. John is equally at home with an acoustic guitar and has recordings with other artists that show the very delicate side of his guitar work and again well worth checking out. I have seldom gigged with him and not heard something new and often wondered just where he got that “sound” from? Guitar “gossiping” with Kim is not to be missed as anything can happen and often does!!  



Another well travelled International performer cutting his sticks in Germany, Italy and the Canaries to namedrop a few. Classically trained from 13 at the schools of Rock and Punk he has mellowed more recently into several local well known Rhythm & Blues and Rock Blues outfits. A great driving back line of bass and drums forges the platform for Kim & John to work their magic with Tony’s occasional “Jazz” fill returning everyone to Moon-base Alpha…….now where did I put that beat? lol




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